Over 20 years ago I started on a journey that became progressively altruistic. Fresh-faced, spirited and full of grit I determined I was going to be different. I saw everyone around me falling prey to diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer. My own mother was woefully diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer that sent shock waves throughout our whole family.  Too young to die, I pleaded with her to change her life. I saw firsthand the blessings of a plant-forward lifestyle and just knew that would be the answer to her death-like sentence. Fortunately she followed. A plant-based diet, avid exercise and a deep spiritual walk is her new normal. That was over 14 years ago and still no trace of malignancy. I knew for sure this lifestyle was heaven sent. 

My husband and I decided we needed to spread this truth near and far. So many were either going down to premature graves or living a subpar life. We dedicated our lives to service and founded a non-profit whose mission it is to present the connection between the foods we eat, our mental health, spiritual connection and social well-being. We have traveled around the world with this enlightening message and have witnessed the irrefutable changes of many. Our travels have also brought us to some of the lowliest places where basic knowledge of healthful principles is virtually unknown. This was our inspiration to found NEW BREED MEATS. We wanted to do more— to have something to offer those who don’t even know how to make a beginning. NEW BREED MEATS is the culmination of what we’ve been doing for the last 20 years. Why should anyone else have to go through a near death experience that could very well be avoided?

So, you see, NEW BREED MEATS isn’t just an alternative to meat— it’s a NEW LIFE. It’s for those who want to make a difference: in their health, in their families, in their environment. 

NEW BREED MEATS…for a new breed of people.


Founder, New Breed Meats