10% goes towards educating needful communities learn the benefits of a plant-forward lifestyle.


We spent the last 20 years pushing plants forward and have benefited beautifully. Then 10 years ago we started on a mission to teach others how to do the same. The results have been life-changing, literally.

Be Benevolent With Us

By choosing New Breed Meats, you are choosing not only a new you, but a new world. Every purchase helps in our commitment to helping people make better choices, thus live better lives.

how we do good

Health Education Programs

We are moved to help communities increase their knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. We do this by hosting seminars on plant-based living.

Nutrition Enrichment Workshops

We are helping individuals to make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle through nutrition workshops that include practical and engaging cooking classes and nutritional assessments.

Rejuvenating Residential Retreats

These residential retreats are places that bring about true healing in a serene, healthful environment. Guests learn practically how to live a healthy lifestyle with guided counselors and coaches.

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